Thurrock Flexible Generation

Notice of Preliminary Meeting

14 October 2020


Thurrock Flexible Generation Plant

Planning Inspectorate Reference Number: EN010092

Rule 13(6) Infrastructure Planning (Examination Procedure) Rules 2010

Notice of Preliminary Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the Preliminary Hearing will be held by the Examining Authority for the examination of the application (‘the Application’) made by Thurrock Power Limited (‘the Applicant’) of 1st Floor, 145 Kensington Church Street, London, W8 7LP, for a Development Consent Order (‘DCO’) under Sections 14, 15 and  37 of the  Planning Act 2008, as amended (‘the Act’). The Application was submitted on 27th May 2020 to the Secretary of State, via the Planning Inspectorate (‘the Inspectorate’), on Wednesday 27th May 2020 and accepted for examination on 24th June 2020. The reference number applied to the application by the Inspectorate is EN010092.

The Preliminary Meeting will be held in two parts on the following dates:

Hearing Date Time Venue
Preliminary Meeting Part 1 Tuesday 20th October 2020 2pm Due to the continued impact of COVID-19, this hearing will take place virtually
Preliminary Meeting Part 2 Wednesday 4th November 2020 10am Due to the continued impact of COVID-19, this hearing will take place virtually

The Preliminary Meeting will adjourn on Tuesday 20th October 2020 rather than close and will resume on Wednesday 4th November 2020. This will allow for the consideration of written submissions by Interested Parties who did not make oral submissions at the virtual event.

If you wish to speak at the Preliminary Meeting, it is important that you confirm your involvement to the Inspectorate by Procedural Deadline A (Tuesday 6th October 2020), by emailing : [email protected] or calling: 0303 444 5000. Procedural Deadline A is set out in the Inspectorate’s letter issued under Rule 6 of the Infrastructure Planning (Examination Procedure) Rules 2010 and Section 88 of the Act, which is available to view on the project page of the Inspectorate’s website.

The Preliminary Meeting will be recorded, and the recording will be published on the project page of the National Infrastructure Planning website as soon as practicable after the meeting.

The Application relates to the construction, operation and decommissioning of a gas fired flexible electricity generation plant and battery storage facility in Thurrock, Essex, known as the Thurrock Flexible Generation Plant (‘the Proposed Development’) and includes:

reciprocating gas engines with net electrical output totalling 600 MW, batteries with net electrical output of 150 MW and storage capacity of up to 600 MW, associated electrical and control equipment, creation of temporary and permanent private access routes for construction and access in operation including a permanent causeway for the delivery of abnormal indivisible loads by barge, a gas pipeline connection to the gas national transmission system, an electrical export connection via underground cables to the immediately adjacent National Grid Tilbury Substation,  common land exchange and habitat creation or enhancement for protected species translocation and biodiversity gain.

The Proposed Development is located on land south west of Station Road near Tilbury, Essex. The British National Grid coordinates are TQ662766 and the nearest existing postcode is RM18 8UL.

Copies of Application Documents

The application form and its accompanying documents, plans and maps, including the Environmental Statement and draft DCO, are available to view electronically and download, free of charge, on the Inspectorate’s project website:

and in the ‘Documents’ section of the Applicant’s website:

If you require alternative methods for inspection of the application documents, please telephone the applicant on: 0207 186 0580 or email:  [email protected]

Hard copies of the application documents can be requested but will be subject to a maximum charge of £500 for each copy. Requests for electronic or hard copy documents can be made in the following ways:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 0207 186 0580

USB device copies can be provided free of charge and are available upon request to the Applicant.

It should be noted that the Inspectorate is reviewing its procedures due to the coronavirus outbreak, so please monitor their website for periodic updates. You can sign up for updates using the ‘sign up’ link on the website.

Further information about the Application can be obtained from the Applicant using the following contact details:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 0207 186 0580

Thurrock Power Limited